An Entrepreneur’s List of Best Careers for Work-Life Balance

Franchise Consulting is One of the Least Stressful Careers that Offer an Ideal Work-Life Balance

When you are looking for the best careers for work-life balance, you might not seek the help of an entrepreneur to give you the best advice. These self-starters have the reputation of working long hours and pulling out all the stops to make sure their businesses thrive.

Spending endless hours in front of the computer or on the phone isn’t what most people think of when they imagine the benefits of work life balance. You would assume that the least stressful careers with balance would provide flexible hours and not require those late nights and weekends picking up the slack.

While that might be true, there are careers that entrepreneurs love that let you work remotely or choose to have flexible hours. What these entrepreneurs love the most is the potential earnings that are based on their ability to connect aspiring business owners with opportunities and have the benefits of work life balance.

The Best Careers for a Work-Life Balance (...That You’d Expect)

People having trouble balancing their personal and professional needs are looking to break the non-stop cycle of email replies, long hours, and missed obligations.

Leave it at the office: A position as a programmer or web developer might require training in specialized skills like coding PHP or JavaScript, but with the right company, you could leave the coding at the office. Weekends would be free to pursue hobbies, travel, or just spend more time with family and friends.

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Work when you want: Substitute teaching is one of the most fulfilling jobs for a work-life balance. You only have to work during the school year, and better yet, only when a teacher is unable to make it to school that day. You can be rewarded with the benefits of work-life balance, including plenty of spare time to build your life outside of work, and enrich the lives of students while you are in the classroom.

Find Balance as a Franchise Consultant with IFPG

The factors that an entrepreneur would think of when making a list of the best careers for a work-life balance are probably the same of any skilled professional:

  • Flexibility to set your own schedule
  • Ability to work from home (or while traveling)
  • Using a proven skillset (instead of heading back to school)

If these qualities line up with your needs, then it’s time to learn the secret of becoming a Franchise Consultant with IFPG. These professionals benefit from the ability to balance both work and personal responsibilities in a way that other careers just can’t offer.

Work-Life Balance as a Consultant

Franchise Consultants are their own boss and they create their own schedule. From working with candidates (either through email or by phone) to conducting industry research, Consultants help potential franchise owners learn more about opportunities and invest in the one that is the best fit.

Relying on strong communication and business skills, Franchise Consultants are constantly meeting new people, attending industry events to improve professionally, and learning about new business opportunities.

The relationship that an experienced Franchise Consultant has with their professional responsibilities makes this one of the best careers for work-life balance and one that is hard to replicate.

Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Some Franchise Consultants choose to work on a part-time basis, opening their days to other focuses such as family commitments, personal interests, and even semi-retirement. Others jump right in with a full-time schedule, but they still set their own hours and are afforded the freedom to work when they want to instead of work when they have to!

If you aren’t familiar with the role of a Franchise Consultant, think it sounds like one of the most fulfilling jobs for your work-life balance needs, and are ready to start on a new career path, then it’s time to educate yourself on this opportunity.

IFPG has a wealth of resources that can help you decide if finding balance as a Franchise Consultant is right for you.

If it is, then it’s time to reach out to the IFPG team and schedule your tour. Through this learning phase, you’ll find out that IFPG’s Franchise Consultants earn 100% of their commissions, have access to more than 600 franchise partners, and gain a wealth of perks like a branded website, access to leads, and much more.

Training with IFPG can be completed in just four to six weeks. If you are ready to gain control over your schedule and finally start one of the best careers for a work-life balance, contact IFPG today.

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