The Best Quality of Life Jobs? Try Franchise Consulting.

Looking for the Best Quality of Life Jobs? Franchise Consulting is One of the Most Fulfilling Jobs Out There.

When looking for a new career, it might seem easy to weigh out all of the pros and cons. What is the salary range and is there potential for growth? How’s the company culture? Is there an easy commute or flexibility to work from home?

If all these boxes are checked on your list, then you are likely looking at some of the most fulfilling jobs out there. The happiest careers allow employees to be flexible with their schedules so they can spend time with family, go traveling, or just take care of daily needs.

Jobs with the highest quality-of-life rankings also remove toxic workplace situations from the equation and allow for financial security - an important factor in any job search.

Franchise Consulting: One of the Happiest Careers

Franchise consulting is consistently named as one of the best quality-of-life jobs. With these unique jobs that pay well, Franchise Consultants work as a broker between potential franchise owners and franchisors, educating and guiding potential franchise owners through the entire lifecycle of the deal. They earn commissions from the closed deals and can work full- or part-time, depending on their needs.

A career as a Franchise Consultant requires training, but once completed, this is a lifestyle business that can be conducted from home, with a flexible schedule, autonomy, and unlimited earning potential. With IFPG, Franchise Consultants can have it all, along with:

  • Access to hundreds of top franchise brands
  • Certified Franchise Consultant designations 
  • Business forms, phone and email scripts to automate the business process

Continuing Education With IFPG

IFPG also provides continuing education after initial training. IFPG Impact Sessions provide industry best practices and some of the most successful consultant’s own tips and tricks. Every year, IFPG provides more than 150 hours of continuing education at no cost to their members. Helping to grow your business once you are a Franchise Consultant, IFPG integrates the Franchise Sales CRM, Career Transition Leads, and IFPG Digital programs into your business workflow.


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This complete support from IFPG allows their Franchise Consultants to focus on their business and clients. This support helps keep the workday focused on work so when the day is done, you can enjoy the best quality of life that you have been working towards all along.

Franchise Consultants don’t share their commission with IFPG either. For every deal that is closed at IFPG, the Franchise Consultant keeps 100% of the commission. With commissions commonly ranging from $24,000 to $65,000, the salary benefits matchup against the top careers with the best quality of life ratings.

Fulfilling Franchise Consultant Jobs 

Another IFPG benefit that leads to a better quality of life is the professional Franchise Consultant website that is included in training. The website provides Franchise Consultants with:

  • A digital footprint and worldwide visibility
  • Your business logo and branding
  • Proven, pre-written content to get you started
  • Analytics performance tracking
  • Your own domain name

This website is a vital tool and can be updated and expanded as you continue to grow in your role as a Franchise Consultant. You can incorporate your social media accounts to share your website content and generate your own leads. Additionally, as IFPG adds new franchises, they are automatically added to your website in real time.

Benefits of Being a Franchise Consultant With IFPG

When you become a Franchise Consultant with IFPG, you gain access to pre-qualified leads. Career Transition Leads, an IFPG owned company, qualifies individuals who are ready to leave corporate careers for the opportunity to become a franchise owner. These professionals are interested in learning from well-trained Franchise Consultants and committing to their investment.

Prospective leads are also verified over the phone by the Career Transition Leads team to ensure candidates are ready to explore franchise options and that they understand the value that a Franchise Consultant can bring to help achieve their goals.

These benefits streamline business processes and improve your quality of life during the workday. And with less stress from trying to figure out how to make your business grow, you can solely focus on the needs of your clients by day and turn your attention to the things that matter most while you are away from work.

If you want to learn more about IFPG’s network of professionals, benefits, and how to become a Franchise Consultant, reach out to IFPG and check out their training options today. You’ll have one of the best quality-of-life jobs out there.

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