Find the Highest Paying Job With a Great Work-Life Balance

Looking for a Low-Stress Job that Pays Well Without a Degree? Consider Franchise Consulting.

Wanting the perfect work-life balance is a career goal that is shared by many, but unfortunately this goal is not achieved as often as people would like. What’s more rare is finding a high-paying job that offers a good work-life balance or a low-stress job that pays well without a degree. Luckily, if you have ambition and the skills needed, you can achieve this goal more easily than you would think.

To find a perfect work-life balance, most people look for the same qualities in a position: the ability to make your own hours, be your own boss, and to cut out the daily commute. Gaining at least some of these qualities allows you to reduce stress and gives you more time to focus on things that really matter in your life.

This balance can come at a cost. It can be difficult to find a skilled position that provides these benefits and a good salary. The ideal is to find the highest paying jobs with a good work-life balance so important financial obligations can still be met.


Low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree

What High Paying Jobs Have the Best Work-Life Balance?

Starting a career as a Franchise Consultant with IFPG could set you out on the path finding this balance while improving your finances as well. The franchise industry already generates over a billion dollars and continues to grow. Franchise Consultants work in the industry with potential franchise owners to help them find the best opportunities available.


Leveraging previous business experience and excellent communication skills, Franchise Consultants break down the finer points of every opportunity to potential franchise owners, helping them decide which business may be best for them.

Franchise Consultants are able to create their own schedule and manage their own workload. They can choose to work full-time or part-time as they see fit. Additionally, Franchise Consultants conduct most of their work either over the phone or online, so there’s the flexibility to work remotely - either from home or anywhere while traveling.

Franchise Consulting with IFPG

Learning that the role of a Franchise Consultant is one of the highest paying jobs with a good work-life balance might sound like all the incentive that you’d need to get started, but with IFPG there are many more benefits that lead you to be a success in your new career.

With IFPG, you have access to:

  • Over 600 Franchise Opportunities for Your Candidates
  • SMS Text Updates on Franchise Territories
  • An IFPG Exclusive Franchise Sales CRM
  • Mentorship and Continuing Education

This only names a few of the benefits that IFPG has to offer. One of the most interesting benefits that IFPG offers is that you keep 100% of your commission. Coupled with the flexibility that this career gives you, there’s no wonder how the role as a Franchise Consultant is one of the highest paying jobs with a good work-life balance.

Franchise Consultants also gain access to IFPG’s professional network and the industry’s top conferences. From IFPG’s own Annual Retreat, which features the top professionals in the franchise industry, to co-hosted partner events that provide networking and continuing education, these perks provide Franchise Consultants with even more tools to succeed.

If this high-earning career with the flexibility of a great work-life balance sounds like a good fit for you, then you might be ready to connect with IFPG. You’ll start by continuing to learn about IFPG’s vast array of benefits, resources, and training available to you as a Franchise Consultant, so when you’re ready, just reach out!

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