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The Smokin’ Oak Franchise Brings 2 Stores to Dallas-Ft Worth!

The IFPG Consultant’s candidate immediately fell in love with the culture of this specific pizza segment, the growth opportunity with an emerging brand, the self-serve Taproom wall with its strong incremental revenue, and providing guests with the unique experience of wood-fired pizza and a self-serve Taproom wall. He also wanted a strong training program and marketing team to rapidly grow brand visibility in a tier-one city!  He plans on opening additional locations in this major market.

Their criteria in selecting a business included; simple to operate, strong community relationship, ability to open multiple stores, strong systems, and support in place from the franchisor. 

“We were blown away by the business model, the quality of the product, and the passion that has gone into creating the Smokin’ Oak brand. After being introduced to the Smokin’ Oak franchise, we immediately knew this is what we wanted, thanks to the welcoming nature and introduction by the brand’s founders, Matt Mongoven and Linda Black. After spending a short time at two other stores, we were amazed at what this emerging brand has already achieved in such a short time, and what it will become. The pizza is delicious!”- New Franchisees

About Smokin' Oak Wood-Fired Pizza
Smokin' Oak Wood-Fired Pizza is a simple culinary-centric model with low initial investment and strong ROI!  With FOUR UNIQUE MODELS, its design is perfect for owner-operator and semi-absentee operators. 

We offer a strong culture & brand in an energetic environment, lifestyle hours, low number of employees, multi-unit opportunities, and strong unit economics.   Investment range is $193,00 - $682,800.  Fast-casual, fast-casual plus Taproom, food trucks/trailers, and take-out and to-go modes available.

Congratulations on a great placement!